Debra Dynes

Owner and Professional Organizer

Debra began her organizing career at a very young age – making sure her toys were neatly arranged and her room nice and tidy. 

That same joy and passion for organizing is what prompted her to start her own business, D Squared Organizing. 

A strong believer in simplicity, Debra’s organizing philosophy focuses on simple living combined with simple organizing techniques. Proper downsizing and having “permanent addresses” for household items are just a couple of the ways to reduce “clutter-stress” and provide clients with a sense of peace and tranquility in their own homes. 

Debra understands that with today’s hectic schedules and time constraints, it can be difficult to not only simplify but to maintain an orderly home; therefore, she’s designed organizing solutions that are unique and suitable to her client’s specific needs. 

Debra is a graduate of Auburn University at Montgomery. She has spent close to two decades working in the corporate field in Atlanta using her organizational skills to help Fortune 500 businesses plan events, facilitate office moves and help colleagues streamline their workflow. 

She currently resides in Millbrook, Alabama, and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Does it Spark Joy? ~ Marie Kondo

D Squared Organizing LLC

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