D Squared Organizing Specializes in the Following Areas

Home Organizing

Your house doesn’t need to look like a photo from Interior Design magazine. You just need to know what items to keep, what items to donate/discard and where to find items when you need them – or as we like to call it, their “permanent address”! At D Squared Organizing, we will work with what you have!

Office Organizing

Do the piles on your desk look like the Swiss Alps? Do you have more than twenty Emails in your inbox? Is your filing system taking over more drawers than necessary? Then it’s time to purge and give your office a feeling of space and a sense of organization.

Moving & Relocation

Moving is always stressful. Do I have enough boxes? Did I accidently pack my cat? Or how about arriving at your new home and not knowing where to begin with the unpacking? Having moved over twenty times – nationally and internationally – Debra has devised a quick and effective system for all your moving needs.

Senior Organizing

Whether downsizing or rightsizing, it’s important to understand the end result – comfort and ease. At D Squared Organizing, we treat all Senior moves with the utmost of respect and compassion. With family members scattered, it’s reassuring to know that someone is there to make sure everything flows smoothly.  

Custom Organizing

With Custom Organizing, you can select what needs to be organized in your home. Have you lost control of your toddler’s toy room? Are your arts and crafts taking over the home? If you’re in need of only specific areas in your home organized, we can assist with that as well!

Never Organize What You Can Discard ~ Joshua Becker

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